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A group of volunteers from St Paul's Parish Church in Chipata was inspired to help the growing number of orphans and other vulnerable children in their community and in 2006 financial support was found through a VSO volunteer from the UK (Malcolm) who was working in Chipata. A fund was established and fundraising in the UK, by Malcolm's family and friends, began. The Project started by helping 10 children.

We are currently helping 46 children and young people through primary school, secondary school and college, changing their lives by giving them the opportunity to learn, the chance to escape poverty (and early marriage in some cases) - and giving them hope for the future.

The Project has the support of the Anglican Church in Chipata, its patron being Bishop William Mchombe, Anglican Bishop of Eastern Zambia, but operates independently and is run by a volunteer committee led by Mrs Naomi Thawe.

The Project is registered as a UK charity (registered charity no. 1150487).


Committee members, Chipata (Naomi on left)

Committee members.JPG
Bertha, Mukondwera and Wilson.jpg

Bertha, Mukondwera and Wilson receiving clothes


St Paul's Children's Project is dedicated to helping improve lives by supporting children to go to school or continue in school/college. If young people complete their education through to Grade 12 (the end of secondary school), they stand a much better chance of finding paid work.

Vulnerable children who need assistance are identified through local contacts and many referrals now come through social services in Eastern Province.

In the UK Malcolm and Elaine work out what it costs to send each of our 46 children to their respective schools and colleges. We budget for college fees, uniforms, shoes, books, paper and extra tuition for those taking their Grade 9 and Grade 12 exams. For any children at boarding school we also budget for groceries, pocket money and transport each term.

At the beginning of each term we transfer the money needed for that term to the Project bank account in Chipata. Naomi Thawe, who leads the Project in Chipata, goes out with the Committee and the students to buy uniforms, shoes, books, etc. as needed and travels to all the different schools to pay school fees, where payable, direct to each school.

The members of the Committee are all volunteers and no administration costs are payable from Project funds. Every penny raised goes directly to help the children.

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